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Confidence comes from within

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Media Centre

Welcome to Comma's media centre. Here you'll find our latest press releases, as well as an archive of our older news stories. If you'd like to get in touch, please use the contact details in the panels opposite.

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Block Exemption Regulation

Block Exemption Regulation


Like all competition law, the purpose is ultimately to benefit consumers and ensure they are not subject to restrictions in choice, uncompetitive or unfair pricing practices....

Low Speed Pre-Ignition

Low Speed Pre-Ignition


LSPI is the phenomenon when the fuel air mixture ignites sooner than the engine designer intended - ignition occurs before the plug sparks. ...

Avoid Mixing Coolants

Avoid Mixing Coolants


One vehicle model doesn’t mean one engine coolant. Always fit the correct antifreeze & coolant....

All-new Comma 60L Performance Motor Oil barrels optimise stock and coverage

All-new Comma 60L Performance Motor Oil barrels optimise stock and coverage


Comma's new 60L Performance Motor Oil (PMO) barrels offer premium performance for more effective stocking, greater car parc coverage and more efficient recycling....

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